Complaint Against a Person

Tara Hille Langleys Easiest Notch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nick this Single mom of 2 kids from two different dads is the Absolute worst, she goes thru friends faster then anyone cause she either tries to fuk the boyfriend of Husband if them or the friend realizes what a complete slore she is, a couple of my friends have take the […]
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Complaint Against a Person, Washington

Laura Aguilar Washington DC USA

Laura Aguilar is a fat schizophrenic Puerto Rican b***h who is afraid of her life as a bartender. She smells like a*s and has to excuse herself to go to the restroom every five minutes in between meals. This is why she is destined to become a Melissa drag queen. There is no s**t about […]
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Canada, Complaint Against a Person

Eddie Panting

Eddie has cheated on his wife and several last girlfriends. He uses his job at Goodlife Fitness to lure in women that work for him and then fires them when they stop giving him the time of day. He’s been suspended from work in the past and I wrote a letter to associate relations this […]
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