Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person

Abby Angel — Snapchat scamming sloot

Abby Angel — Snapchat scamming sloot. Gets guys to add her on Snapchat abbyangelxo , abbyxoangel , xoabbyangel. Sells her drd infested holes on snap, wants you to buy her premium snap of her and some scrawny dude fuking her. Does meetups supposedly for 200 , but needs a deposit via apple pay or cash […]
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Complaint Against a Person, Indiana

Sergio Ortega Herrera — DeMotte, Indiana

Sergio Ortega Herrera is a multiple personality Pedophile. Seeks young girls to m********e with. Has multiple snaps chat accounts Facebook accounts and uses Xbox to seek girls. Has multiple phone numbers and e-mails addresses. Gains there trust and asks for personal information to get close to the victim. He asks for masturbation videos or naked […]
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