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Beware Players!!! I met this sad lonely failed Attorney Maanit Zemel on a local hookup site about three months ago. Maanit Zemel is a corrupt cyber extortionist from Toronto Ontario Canada who shakes down businesses to pay up big money but she can’t even take down posts about herself posted all over the internet. I […]
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Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Nevada

Alicia Dove — Las Vegas, Nevada

Warning, Be on the lookout for Alicia Dove. This w***e needs to be put on blast. She infected a bunch of men with STDs but lied her a*s off about having it. Alicia Dove pressured Corey Taylor into marrying her nasty a*s after only two years of dating him. Alicia is a homewrecker and a […]
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Arkansas, Complaint Against a Person

Lisa Blocker-Steele — Cabot, Arkansas

This woman right here…There is a reason she is divorced and others are too. She likes to f**k around with married men and women. Anyone who gives her attention can have a piece if they want it. Watch out fella’s, she’ll ghost you as soon as she finds someone that has more to offer her. […]
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