Stupid camwhore corey moore exposed

Corey Moore of DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA and student at UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX is a dirty CAMWHORE. He works at Starbucks off Atlantic Ave but moonlights as a webcam hooker on iFCams dot com doing unspeakable, nasty, disgusting, things with dirty men for tips. Please help repost on SOCIAL MEDIA so all his friends, neighbors, co-workers, […]
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2021 Biggest Cheater – Trent Wieties or Trenton Wieties- Collinsville IL

Trent Wieties or Trenton Wieties is cheating on his wife, Sarah Wieties using a fake name. he told me his name was Joel Johnson and his ex’s name was Sarah Johnson. He told me he lives in Carlinville IL but online says he lives in Collinsville, Illinois. He uses dating apps to meet people. He used the story he was a single military guy who’s ex-wife left him because she...
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