Dorian Price

This guy likes to smell armpits and have anal sex. He also loves drugs like adderall, weed and poppers? I don’t know what poppers are. This dude is toxic, lives at home and lies about everything. Disgusting human being and literally does not work at all. He watches tv and complains while doing drugs. He’s […]
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British Columbia

Michael Fitzpatrick the man slut (FEETZY creator) of Vancouver, Canada

https://cheaterland.com/michael-fitzpatrick-the-scumbag-man-whore-of-dublin.html?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=057a2a79a2ebdf0ec7f1239b5520f0c74fa4aab9-1616753455-0-Adpbx5Mr1qlKuOgzKOsB5RIdJ1ttda9ywT_zSth6uiZGthSIxeQeltXE4wrCS7elQ5LW2vdQ04W0sFbRNSkx0EqT-jnldXwUNJeJknUQIdBcsae8js8HVG6DOgeHl-go5f9QIsBjOlJKrSm0CsMVpcWI5H1Ux5ttuuTebpuMJOpN4orwmybaVEnuS34MdAPVMFt6yK3aB_VPBovWY_TQEG89HBE0ZrpkK5uPmUVuef66JuhugKuxEB339zUgxy5EAWIBhfyWe_kVC8Ra7BiNaIZh4RkbUIuxwCvt-3Fh7szo29lvCsIMJ3SX09lSMg40gqjbsjjZfqDrvKL8G2eBSsh15rsmj3G7D_pVZP-ky7LL7qnTQ6r9xzEkvHlAHSSwqR9mWNKcfFGefqFwWZTcJIg Michael may be good things such as video editing or anything to do with film (he owns a business called FEEETZY) but he’s also pretty talented in manipulating people. I went to school with him at UCD and apparently recently I found out he and his other friends (some who are now ex friends) […]
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