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Henna Khan Dallas Con Artist

Continues to sleep with all of Dallas. Currently visiting multiple states to find a Pakistani guy to make a fool and pretty much use for her insatiable sexual desires. No concept of loyalty in this thot. Nudes available if you follow her IG hkay_93
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#Cheater #Married

SKANKY pill head

There’s a nasty bitch in vian that will fuck in any hoe for a pill or shot of dope she slimes into men’s pants and trys to please them which most she don’t succeed because she so ugly they can’t get past her face even if She’s sucking or trying to suck their dick.. She has no respect for anything. Sad just want her thieving thieving nasty ass to stay...
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Stuart Jenkins Reno

Stuart Jenkins is originally the Reno/Sparks Nevada area but now resides in Ft. Worth Texas with his ugly pig looking girlfriend. He is a disgusting human being with autism and multiple personality disorder. He lies to his friends, claims he has a lot of money but in reality is broke and lives off SSI. He […]
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Molly Frances Kart Linet

Molly Frances Kart Linet or better known as Molly Freeman is a nast stripper who get engaged to every person she gets in a relationship with. She is currently engaged to Travis. She is also cheating on him with multiple men and women. Dont trust her. She will make a run with your money and […]
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#Cheater #Married

Samuel Lazarus

Sam is a serial child molester out of Portland Oregon who has a history of taking advantage of women and girls as young as 11. He has no remorse for his actions and should be locked very far from society. He should either be shot or arrested. Fuck this piece of shit white boy nigger
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