Serial Dater Henna Khan

This girl dates and sleeps around for zero purpose. We hooked up after she came back from Pennsylvania after “separating” from her husband. I was leaving my longtime gf recently. We were together for a few months and had plans on moving forward with long term commitment when suddenly it wasn’t the “right time” for her. Around Christmas too?!!!! I find out two weeks later she’s with some new dude...
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Stupid camwhore corey moore exposed

Corey Moore of DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA and student at UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX is a dirty CAMWHORE. He works at Starbucks off Atlantic Ave but moonlights as a webcam hooker on iFCams dot com doing unspeakable, nasty, disgusting, things with dirty men for tips. Please help repost on SOCIAL MEDIA so all his friends, neighbors, co-workers, […]
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Lindsey Gagne The Idiot
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Lindsey Gagne The Idiot

Lindsey Gagne the biggest dummy alive you know your idiot daughters have been posting everything about your life this is how I know everything I do about your drug habits and sl00tty ways. I know how many men you’ve been with and which ones at that! Disgusting! [REDACTED]! Pretty funny how I know so much […]
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Watch out men. Hide your wallets, comes from money and parents lost it all, she’ll do anything for a bit of clout and money. Possibly take off her clothes, idk?…. she told me she liked women and then fucked me, apparently thats her move, I’ve asked around. Finally realized she was only in it for […]
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Catherine Gonzalez
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Catherine Gonzalez aka Cathy Clapper

Steer clear! This sow is a homewrecker and a cheater with a drug problem, and a narcissistic pathological liar. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She will stop at nothing to get her way and destroy your life regardless of who gets caught in the cross fire including her own family
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