Duane Doherty is a cheater abuser liar and carries stds
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Duane Doherty is a cheater, abuser, liar

Duane Doherty who lives in Hawthorne, NY Date of birth is 3/17/1976, abused, cheated on and gave his long term girlfriend stds. He lied and abused her physically, verbally and emotionally. She has dated pictures of the abuse and texts from him confirming the abuse, cheating, stds. He will refuse to allow u to show […]
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Anna duquette webster

Anna is the biggest cheating fat nasty bo smelling bitch all she’s good at is laying on her back and sleeping with everyone’s man and she’s even better at fucking up everyone’s life and ruining life for everyone she gives every man a disease and makes them lose there family and honestly girls watch ur […]
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Lindsey Gagne The Idiot
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Lindsey Gagne The Idiot

Lindsey Gagne the biggest dummy alive you know your idiot daughters have been posting everything about your life this is how I know everything I do about your drug habits and sl00tty ways. I know how many men you’ve been with and which ones at that! Disgusting! [REDACTED]! Pretty funny how I know so much […]
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Nick Weis, Riverside California

Nick Weis from UC Berkeley is a loser, cheater, opportunist, liar, low morale, money stealing retard. Nick borrows a lot of money from girls to pay for rent and dinner, but somehow he always has leftover cash for weed and beer. He gets into alcoholic rages when he gets intoxicated and tries to force himself on people for sex, then he punches and kicks people when they resist his advances....
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Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person


Watch out men. Hide your wallets, comes from money and parents lost it all, she’ll do anything for a bit of clout and money. Possibly take off her clothes, idk?…. she told me she liked women and then fucked me, apparently thats her move, I’ve asked around. Finally realized she was only in it for […]
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