Fucking Loser Cliff Boggs
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Fucking Loser Cliff Boggs

This loser is an ugly piece of shit. Met him on his “travels”. He’ll be back at it cuz his ship comes back to guam on the daily, n he’ll be back “tryin” to find a woman. What a joke thought he was slick n shit, in reality ladies he’s even more ugly in person and a joke. Tried to pick me up at a “night club”. Spitting weak ass...
By : worsthomewrecker 3rd August 2020 0 Comments
Complaint Against a Person, Narcissist

Narcissist – Expose Homewreckers

Narcissists are always abusers because it’s all about them and they inherited the old sociopath name but it’s the same line of work. The one I know lives in Austin, TX has the initials of RCD and is a classic piece of trash. No matter how much you do for him, or others like him, […]
By : worsthomewrecker 4th September 2019 0 Comments