Mary sellers
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Mary sellers

this fucking homewrecking whore ruined my marriage. she paid me 200 and a bottle of kolonapin to have anal sex with her. when i refused later that year she accused me of rape. my wife divorced me. stay clear of this whore in benton il. she has herpes and her anus is crawling with warts […]
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Jack Morley Berlin Erection - Expose Homewreckers
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Jack Morley Berlin Erection – Expose Homewreckers

Well first off, Jack has a micropenis, 3 inches hard. Second, he constantly exposes himself all over New Hampshire. Third, although he has been arrested 6 times for indecent exposure he was only convicted once, serving just 5 days, so he is not considered a sex offender. Last as someone who has been flashed by […]
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