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Peoples Trust Company. Racist Policies

Peoples Trust Company. Racist Policies . Peoples Group Peoples Trust Company Suite 1400 888 Dunsmuir Street Vancouver, BC V6C 3K4 Phone: 604-683-2881 Fax: 604-331-3469 808 4 Ave SW #955, Calgary, AB T2P 3E8 Phone: (403) 237-8975 95 Wellington St W Suite 1310, Toronto, ON M5J 2N7 Phone: (416) 368-3266
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Complaint Against a Person

Steph Jones The Dirtyest Girl in Calgary

THE DIRTY ARMY: Steph Jones is by far the most ratchest girl in town. This girl will do anyone and anything. All you need is to get some drinks in her and its an easy score. She is so bad that she cheats on everyone shes with. She is currently with some guy that buys […]
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Nelly Bentsinova Calgary – The Dirty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Closeted Racist. Trashy junkie. Trashy wanna be. Trailer trash mindest with her lifestyle. Looks like she 40 and like a red tandoori seasoned potato without makeup. Looks weird cuz she a druggie. Weirdly shaped body in the back. Bad hygiene. Halitosis. So bad it’s worse than a a dirty turtle tank. Couch surfer […]
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Matthew Solomon — Calgary – Expose Homewreckers

Matthew Solomon — Calgary This person Matthew Solomon is a horrible horrible person an is mental. He likes to control an beat women. He needs to be recognized for who he truly is. Don’t be fooled. He will beat you then tell you he loves you. Very very sick in the head CalgaryComplaint Against a Person Matthew […]
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