Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person

Marcel Shihadeh

Marcel Shihadeh TikTok is MarcelMarcel000, his Instagram is MarcelNoShoesOn, His Facebook is Marcel Shihadeh, His Snapchat is MarcelShahada. His girlfriend Emily Preibus Instagram is _EmilyPreibus_. and Facebook Emily Preibus
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Carla Poplawski Lying Trash Bag
Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Edmonton

Carla Poplawski Lying Trash Bag

She’s a wannabe criminal psycho cow cheating my me behind my back, committing crimes in secret, and covering it all up with her lies. Beware of this girl, she looks all innocent and sweet but she’s actually a pathological lying trash bag. The garbage man should take her out with the rest of the trash.
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