Complaint Against a Person

Christine Eason — Guess who’s back

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this chick isnt new to the dirty in fact she seems to be a regular. Thischick seeks people out regardless of relationship sends her nasty pics and vids to bf and husbands while she herself is in a relationship…sneaking around on both sides and denies everything..its jot just weeks of betrayal but […]
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Christine Elizabeth Young, Christine Elizabeth Young — Christine The Bully, Complaint Against a Person, Hollywood

Christine Elizabeth Young — Christine The Bully

I found a recent article written about this monster. {REDACTED} Christine Elizabeth Young, 26, lives in Beverly Hills and works as a product manager for Playboy. The passive aggressive being has a penchant for harassing people from different ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, despite being Queer, this sexual deviant, cretin has used physical methods to […]
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