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Navya Vollala H1B Criminal

Navya Vollala is on H1B visa, living in United States evaded India after commuting a heinous murder.She entered United States country with fake visas, fake passports, owns Acto Pharma illegally manufactures illegal drugs, narcotics.Please do not approve her H1B visa.Navya Vollala is married to Vikram Vara Musthyala. Vikram Musthyala is married to Navya Vollala, there […]
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Tyler Wood aka Just..n J. Salter aka crackhead, criminal, clueless, fag to the bone, useless lofter

Loughborough Holiday park permanent junky, adidas lover but cant afford an fcking apple……….. WAIT !!!!!! MOM can sure transfer you 400 bucks for cigarettes right? in fact, she’d die to keep that as$hole alive…………… NO WORRIES……… he’s just a pussy and wouldn’t miss a night playimg with needles and tripping out thinking hes king salami just cause he bought his own pack of cig and a bottle of jack,,,,,,,, probably...
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LANA MILES AKA Svitlana Bloshchytsyna aka Svetlana is a scammer and she stole all my hard earned money. She uses different names to deceive naive people and pretends she can help me buy houses , it’s just a fraud, he sells you everything to get her commission and she doesnt care about you at all. Never […]
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Clifford Starke is a Psychopath Criminal
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Clifford Starke is a Psychopath Criminal

Clifford Starke is a stupid and crazy psychopath/drug dealer/rapist/insider trader/loser who pumps and dumps stocks and screws people over. He also pays hookers and strippers to have sex with him. He tried to buy the Montreal Alouettes, but they wouldn’t sell to him because he is such a sleazy scumbag. Do not do any business […]
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