Complaint Against a Person

Angel Sand — Walking drd

THE DIRTY ARMY: everyone meet Angel the dirty disgusting drd tramp all this “ mother” does is get drunk and do drugs and sleep around with everyone in the city and passes on her drds. Her whole pregnancy she was getting drunk and getting high the only reason she kept the baby is because she got […]
By : worsthomewrecker 24th October 2019 1 Comment
Complaint Against a Person, Houston, Jesslyn Jean, Jesslyn Jean — Jesslyn The Drd Carrying Fake

Jesslyn Jean — Jesslyn The Drd Carrying Fake

this girl is the worst person to ever come in contact with. Do not trust her, do not trust anyone she hangs around with, including her best friend stripper friend Brianna. She’s major trash. Was a big meth head. Don’t know if she’s on it still but her boyfriend probably made her get off and […]
By : worsthomewrecker 8th July 2019 0 Comments
Complaint Against a Person, Katie (Katherine) Lipinski, Katie (Katherine) Lipinski — Infested DRD Homewrecker, Winnipeg

Katie (Katherine) Lipinski — Infested DRD Homewrecker

This one takes the cake. She likes fuking men with families. And mistreating their kids. She has documented raging DRDS and possibly a penis. She’s severely mentally ill and will ruin any lives she can including innocent children. She hides in shame having all private accounts so no one can contact her after she has […]
By : worsthomewrecker 20th June 2019 0 Comments