Florida camwhore CUMONCOREY

The picture is self explanatory. People literally pay to watch on ifcams old men and n*ggers fucking him and getting their dicks sucked. NOT JOKING! At least when hes not in rehab for trying to meet the reaper. All his money goes to drugs and paying his pimp back for fronting his rent. Who needs […]
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Zach Bennett - Daytona Beach, Florida
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Zach Bennett – Daytona Beach, Florida

Zach Bennett is a comedian in the Daytona Beach area who uses his connections to prey on young women close to him. Zach has often tried to pressure women into sex in exchange for open mic spots at the Tir na Nog bar in Daytona, where he hosts a standup show. He has demanded that […]
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Caroline Stark — Miami, Florida
Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Florida

Caroline Stark — Miami, Florida

I caught Caroline Stark drunk and forcing my dog to giver her a**l s*x!!! I had a party at my house and I caught this disgusting freak on all fours in my bedroom, spreading her b**t and forcing my poor dog to give her a**l s*x! When I caught her in my bedroom, she just […]
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Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Florida

Ronnie Holck — Hollywood, Florida

Borderline personality disorder… Makes Glen Close in Fatal attraction look normal! Thinks he is Tony Soprano… Can’t hold a job and lives with his mommy. He will be overly helpful, generous and attentive. Followed by extreme fits of jealousy and paranoia. He preys on successful, career oriented, independent women.
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Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Florida

Jill Sumfest — Tampa, Florida

JILL SUMFEST allegedly presents herself as a practicing surgeon and medical doctor but is not: per the Florida Medical Board as to Staff Privileges, “This practitioner does not currently hold staff privileges at any hospital/medical/health institution in Florida.” This woman(?) keeps a GIGOLO named Paul Gerlach under her control in Miramar, FL. She appears to […]
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