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Shreveport, Louisiana- whore Chesli Belk is a clueless dumbass and a low life, white trailer trash whore who picks up and spirt screws married men. She frequently picks them up at random in the sleazy porn shop she works at on the way into the strip club; Deja Vu in Shreveport, LA. I know! Soooooo classy LOLOLO! Riiiiiggghht. Chesli Belk will not give a shit at all that your husband...
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Ashley Schurr — Homewrecker but still Tinder’s
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Ashley Schurr — Homewrecker but still Tinder’s

Ashley Schurr — Homewrecker but still Tinder’s. Ashley Schurr is a crazy insecure slore who preys upon married men with children. She is after their “money” and when she doesn’t get her way she acts single and goes on Tinder to seek attention from other men. This is a manipulation tactic used by narcissist individuals. […]
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Complaint Against a Person, Oklahoma

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Watch out for this gold digger named Penny Thomas Sago. She goes after married men/ taken men. Penny breaks up families and doesn’t care who’s lives get destroyed in the process. She’ll throw the love word at you right away but doesn’t even know what the word means. She just wants what ever she can […]
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