Hayden Staples Kingston’s narcissistic women shaming homophobic liar!
2 Faced, Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person

Hayden Staples, Kingston’s narcissistic, women shaming, homophobic, liar!

Hayden Staples is Kingston, Ontario’s most self centred, narcissistic asshole! Hayden not only bashes girls based on their appearance; he is also homophobic, calling people who identify as gay F*gg*ts. Careful not to disagree with him as he will turn around and personally attack you. Hayden thinks very highly of himself, and will do anything […]
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Rick is a sexual predator

Rick is a sexual predator

Rick is a sexual depredator offer money for sex 4169991429. Locates women’s on dating apps. He’s really only to use women’s bodies. He’s a liar no values.
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Scott Burgess, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Washington D.C. pedophile racist

Scott Burgess, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Washington D.C. pedophile racist

Scott Burgess is an abusive, insufferable racist who continuously makes disparage comments about African-Americans and non-White people. He is a disgusting vile man that thinks it is funny to trade child pornography of colored children in his political circles because “fvck the n***ers and red sk*ns and the m***cans.” He is full of lies and […]
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Joy Sauva — Cheat, Liar
Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Edmonton

Joy Sauva — Cheat, Liar

She dated my friend and played him hard , told him she was a virgin but really she had fuked multiple other guys prior, but sucked more d1cks then she could count. He did everything he could for her while she played with his head she still left him just because he got mad for […]
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