Victoria Reese – Duncan/Lawton, Oklahoma

This ugly, half-breed mulatto skank is a Facebook troll who harasses people online. Victoria Reese is also a Black Lives Matter member/supporter. She is an insecure asshole racist who hates the color of her skin along with her nappy ass hair. She exposes her insecurities by expressing her ugly attitude onto white people, because she […]
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Andrew Myers — Miami, Florida
Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Florida

Heather Baram — Florida

Stay far away from this psycho if you are a man or a woman! She is a serial cheater and goes after her friends husbands and boyfriends! She will only get you in trouble and ruin your life! She has been the cause behind numerous marriages including her own! She needs to go live on […]
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Wendy Resler — Perry, Oklahoma
cheater, Complaint Against a Person, Oklahoma

Wendy Resler — Perry, Oklahoma

Her name is Wendy Resler of Perry Oklahoma. a cheater and destroyer of children’s lives. Had affairs with multiple men. an owner of Holt Insurance. I had a loving husband. Works at Stillwater Medical of Perry in the Records Department. Thinks she can do this with no repercussions. Has lied. cheated. and destroyed lives.
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Jeff Parks — Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person

Jeff Parks — Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Hi, my name is Kelli and my ex-husband had an affair with my younger cousin who used to babysit our kids while I did most of the working have since divorced and he has married my cousin and has moved on. He fails to support our children he owes an offset of 32,000 as of […]
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