Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person

Nick Weis, Riverside California

Nick Weis from UC Berkeley is a loser, cheater, opportunist, liar, low morale, money stealing retard. Nick borrows a lot of money from girls to pay for rent and dinner, but somehow he always has leftover cash for weed and beer. He gets into alcoholic rages when he gets intoxicated and tries to force himself on people for sex, then he punches and kicks people when they resist his advances....
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Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person

Marcel Shihadeh

Marcel Shihadeh TikTok is MarcelMarcel000, his Instagram is MarcelNoShoesOn, His Facebook is Marcel Shihadeh, His Snapchat is MarcelShahada. His girlfriend Emily Preibus Instagram is _EmilyPreibus_. and Facebook Emily Preibus
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Scott Burgess, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Washington D.C. pedophile racist

Scott Burgess, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Washington D.C. pedophile racist

Scott Burgess is an abusive, insufferable racist who continuously makes disparage comments about African-Americans and non-White people. He is a disgusting vile man that thinks it is funny to trade child pornography of colored children in his political circles because “fvck the n***ers and red sk*ns and the m***cans.” He is full of lies and […]
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Canada, Complaint Against a Person

Pedophile – Vancouver BC

Jon Forstved was caught on March 7th, 2019, attempting to follow a 7 year old girl in McDonald’s bathroom downtown. This guy is one sick pervert who hangs out with men who have served time for child molestation. He meets a young boy at Sunpeaks Resort and he touches him in the “special playroom.” There’s […]
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