Guy Luongo Gaetano Luongo

If only I had known…. I’m not the first person he sexually abused, manipulated. Guy Luongo is sick. He goes thru paranoid episodes where he becomes extremely abusive . He truly seems to feel the world is out to get him. Guy Luongo is a predator. He has raped me, he has physically abused me, […]
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Miles Keatin Wright - Antifa Scum
Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person, Missouri

Miles Keatin Wright – Antifa Scum

Miles Keatin Wright – Antifa Scum. He is 28 year old, broke dick, terrorist, piece of shit. This psycho predator is a far left radical. Miles Keatin Wright is member of Antifa and lives in Springfield, Missouri. Miles goes out on marches, threatens people and is violent. Avoid this evil, subhuman, scumbag asshole. For those […]
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Erna Besic psycho mom of two!
Cheaters, Complaint Against a Person

Erna Besic psycho mom of two!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erna Besic is keeping her kids away from their father. She is making all lies up about him. Saying he is the worst guy. But in reality she is the bad one. Few years ago she decided to go cheat on her boyfriend while they have two kids together. Then when her ex […]
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Cody Riggleman, Cody Riggleman – Cheating Psycho Slore, Complaint Against a Person, Hollywood

Cody Riggleman – Cheating Psycho Slore

This guy will tell his sad stories to make you feel sorry for him. Then BAM all lies. His bother touched him inappropriatly, he was bullied and poor. Then he will use you for sex. Yet treats you like a girlfriend. He days he doesn’t do relationships. So hes not really “cheating” but then says […]
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