Complaint Against a Person, Kota Rykerr, Kota Rykerr — PEPSI Head Child Tax Mom, Winnipeg

Kota Rykerr — PEPSI Head Child Tax Mom

Nik this right here is kota ryker fake b1tch and a crying sloot pepsicoke addict behind closed doors, runs back to the same abusive baby dad and plays victim doesn’t take care of her mental issues but blames them on everything and everyone else doesnt have a job lies about her life she spends her welfare reup (drugmoney) […]
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Complaint Against a Person, Darlene Gerbrandt, Darlene Gerbrandt — Tax Scam, Winnipeg

Darlene Gerbrandt — Tax Scam

Nik, This is Darlene Gerbrandt from Winkler or Altona, She pretends to be Operations Director at Skyjolee Enterprise, Nobody has ever heard of this Company, but it has 1 Employee, according to records, When in fact she posing as a Tax preparer for the East Indian community, She bounces around from City to City, Operating her next […]
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