Complaint Against a Person

Angel Sand — Walking drd

THE DIRTY ARMY: everyone meet Angel the dirty disgusting drd tramp all this “ mother” does is get drunk and do drugs and sleep around with everyone in the city and passes on her drds. Her whole pregnancy she was getting drunk and getting high the only reason she kept the baby is because she got […]
By : worsthomewrecker 24th October 2019 1 Comment
Complaint Against a Person, Heather Nancy Flett, Heather Nancy Flett — CATFISH FLOOZY/ WALKING DRD, Winnipeg


Heather Nancy Flett. “Heather Finessa” if you call finesssing selling your beat up putcchh. Barely 18 years old already back selling her sour slice. This girl tries way to hard to flex on Facebook in reality she is practically homeless since being kicked out of CFS. begs to stay with my family all the time!! […]
By : worsthomewrecker 31st May 2019 0 Comments