Wanna Be
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Wanna Be

here is mike and angie. he is a wanna- be raper, and she is just a slut. he thinks he is lil wayne and she thinks she is hot when she has screwed a million guys. she is also his groupie.. Why does everyone think they are Lil Wayne? I don’t get it?- nik
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Complaint Against a Person, Sebastian Worth, Sebastian Worth — Wanna Be Rapper/Gangster…Just A Wanna Be, Winnipeg

Sebastian Worth — Wanna Be Rapper/Gangster…Just A Wanna Be

This is Sebastian Worth, creepy loser who thinks he’s black and a rapper. He’s a pervert and always has been, used to get into trouble in elementary school for being ‘innapropriate’ with kids. He thinks he is this amazing rapper meanwhile he can’t rap to save his life. He has no real friends, only friends that […]
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